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Last Updated: 6/13/24 First 3 things are new (2 and 3 are very important)


**Just a reminder to make sure you are on the Google Classrom wrestling page and that your notifications are turned on for that page. If you need to get added to the page just stop by my room ifyou can't figure it out.

**We've had a great first 2 days of summer practices!  We have high numbers and we have some kids who are attending multiple camps already.  Good work, Broncos.  Putting in time during the summer is one of the best possible things our wrestlers can do in order to improve at wrestling and do better next season than they did last season.  It's all about the process.  

**Important information about the next 2 weeks:  As you may know, Coach Smith (Carnegie) and I host a San Juan Unified Middle School camp each summer.  We canceled it this summer due to Coach Smith's health (he's doing awesome btw, and will be back to teaching and coaching full time next year).  However, the district forgot to cancel this and there are 34 kids signed up.  I don't want to disappoint those kids so I'm going to coach these sessions, but I can use some help.  In each of the past summers I've had the HS kids come help as camp counselors.  This is a great way to give back, to acquire community service hours, and to help the college application process.  We are going 8 days this year.  Monday - Friday (June 17-21) and then Monday - Wednesday (June 24 - 26).  These are at Carnegie from 9 am - 10:30 am.  I will be there at 8 am on Monday to move mats, and I can definitely use some help.  If any wrestler or family can help with the mats, I would greatly appreciate it.  I can also use help from the high school kids each day (except 3 days - info in next session).  I literally found out last night that I'm still hosting this.

**Ponderosa Team Camp next week (June 18, 19, 20).  We will meet at Ponderosa High School at 8:30 am on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of next week.  Plan on being there until 3 pm ish each day.  Tuesday morning is technique, a quick break, and then we have dual meets.  Wrestlers need to pack food, lunch, drinks, and wipes for the day.  Wednesday will be dual meets in the morning, a lunch break, and then more duals in the afternoon.  Thursdsay is the same as Wednesday, although they might do a mini tournament like they did last year.  This is an AWESOME opportunity to get some matches in during the offseason.  We want to wrestle and we need to "feel" of these good wrestlers.  This is for BV wrestlers only (incoming freshman are allowed and should attend).  This is free for our wrestlers because of our fundraising.  There will be teams from San Diego, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, 2 teams from Colorado, and a team from Fresno.  Awesome opportunity to practice our skills!  Here's the conflict: I will be late on each day because of the Carnegie camp (I found out last night this is still on, or else I would have changed a lot of things). Our kids won't help with the SJUSD middle school camp these 3 days, unless they are new or can't attend all day at Pondersoa.  OUr kids need to be at Ponderosa.  I'm working on making sure we have a coach there early each morning.  I'll be there as soon as I can each day. This is a really fun camp and we usually make huge improvements at this camp. 

**ALL WRESTLERS SHOULD BE ON THE BELLA VISTA WRESTLING GOOGLE CLASSROOM PAGE: I've been communicating with the wrestlers via Google Classroom for the past couple of years.  This is a lot better because the wrestlers will get notifications on their phone (instead of checking a website) every time I make an announcement.  For the new wrestlers, here is the code to join jbh3ezj  The BV wrestlers all know they are required to be on the page but I had one of our supporters email me and ask why I haven't updated this page for a while.  In addition to Google Classroom, I'm on campus and I communicate to the kids in person.  Google Classroom is extra support.  


**Winter is coming Now that school is back in session and everybody is settling into our new rhythms it's just about time to begin our preseason training program.  We take all of August off and then we start practicing in September.  The first official day of practice is Monday, October 30th, which means that we have some work to do BEFORE the first day of practice.  These preseason practices are mandatory for anybody planning on wrestling this year if they are not playing a fall sport.  Fall sport athletes have to finish out their season before they can join wrestling...  Our preseason practices will be after on Mondays and Wednesdays from 3:45 - 5 pm in the Atrium.  Since our first Monday/Wednesday of September is Labor Day and then a minimum day, we will start on Monday, September 11th for our preseason practices. in October, we will move these practices to 4 days a week.  I do a combination of wrestling and weight training during these practices.  


** All wrestlers must get cleared on Sportsnet BEFORE they can practice: HERE IS A LINK to the Athletic Registration page.  Please take care of this as soon as possible.  Wrestlers need to be cleared on Sportsnet before they can even begin our preseason practices.  


**Wrestling meeting for athletes on Wednesday, 8/23/23 in my classroom during lunch: This will be a quick meeting and I will provide information to our wrestlers about our preseason schedule, important dates, and what to expect.  



How to be a Champion Wrestler
  1. Nothing is as important as simply getting on the mat and wrestling as much as possible. If you are truly intent on being the best you can be, get on the mat EVERY chance you can get. With your team/club, someone else's team/club, camps - seek out chances to wrestle.

  2. Wrestling by itself will get you better, but wrestling with focus and intent is best of all. Think about what you are doing, think about "position" (head up, knees under your chest, etc.). Work on skills, ask questions with the intent of getting better and ask about things/positions you're not good at. Remember that ultimately you will need a takedown to win a big match, you will need an escape to win a big match, you will need to ride someone out to win a big match - make sure you have these abilities, if it's a weakness it WILL SHOW UP in a big match. Get better at all aspects of the sport.

  3. It will take you HUNDREDS of reps of a skill before you can even begin to do it effectively in a match. It will take you THOUSANDS of reps before you can perform a skill in a match against any opponent. When I say "reps", it means only the reps where you are concentrating on perfecting the move - reps done by going through the motions don't count. So NEVER think "Oh, I know that move and then do it a few times without concentrating on making it better; work for perfection.

  4. Moves don't work without a set up or don't work when you don't have that counter to your opponents counter. In higher level matches, scores come from moves performed as counters to your opponents reactions. You must have great "set ups" or a "great series" in order for moves to work against higher level opponents. If you can do both you've now entered the upper level of wrestling. Example: You circle left (set up), do a sweep single back to the right, he stops you by sprawling and hipping down into you, you cut across to the far side for the finish (series/counter to opponents counter). Watch a high level college wrestler, they'll have 3 or 4 counters to the opponents counters in order to ultimately score.

  5. You need to wrestle as many live matches as possible. Nothing gives you more "feel" for position than live matches. It will also become very clear why your moves don't work or where your weaknesses are so you can fix them in the practice room. Moves don't work because you missed A) a detail in the technique that takes away chances of your opponent escaping, B) you had no set up for the skill, or C) you had no counter to your opponents counter. This next thing is hard to do, few have the drive to get this done, but if you want to truly max out your ability, you should wrestle 40+ matches each winter, spring and fall (get 100+ matches per year). Summer is for camps - technique, intensive, duals (dual camps would give you another block of matches).

  6. Do NOT worry about wins and losses, concern yourself ONLY with improvement.  When you are done with a live match, think back or watch video of yourself and look for proof of improvement.  Did you just shoot, or did you set up the shot?  Did you shoot and stop, or did you shoot and go straight to a finish without stopping?  Were you moving the entire match? Did you basically move to attack from all positions?  These are things high level wrestlers do, if you know you're doing these things, or can see yourself doing these things, then you are improving!  You have ZERO control over your opponent and how skilled they are, but you CAN control getting better; by continually getting better there will be less and less people that can actually beat you in a match - and yet you never focused on winning.  Taking the focus off winning also takes pressure off, you just wrestle with the intent of proving your skills.  Pressure doesn't exist anywhere other than your head, keep your mind on proving skills in a match and you automatically take pressure away.  In big matches people often wrestle more tight (afraid of making a mistake), that's them wrestling less than their best. If focused on proving your skills, that's you wrestling in a more normal fashion - better odds to win the match (even if that's not what we're focused on).

  7. Whenever possible, partner up with someone better than you. You want to be "pushed" every time. Good wrestlers are good because they train seriously and know how to train, so partner with them so you can learn how to train at a higher level. Sometimes you will be the better wrestler, help that partner be better. Don't suffer through a bad workout, tell the person what you need them to do and/or how hard you need them to work - they'll get better and your workout won't suffer as much. You are part of a team, partner UP when you can, but be a good teammate and teach others how to train like a champion. Quality drilling is when the partner gives some resistance so you are forced to be in better position or work for the score - both are examples of what will happen in a live match. Why drill or practice something that is not like a real match; we don't want our partner to just fall down or roll over.

  8. Goal setting is crucial; but that is not nearly enough.  You not only need to set a goal, that goal must have very specific steps to reach that goal.  Things that you need to do on a regular basis to have a chance at reaching the goal - called Process Goals (part of the process to achieve you main goal).  Example: "Get stronger" - this is not good enough, what does that mean?  You should write "Bench press 120% of my body weight by June 1".  This is a specific and measurable goal, and it even has a date to achieve by.  Another example: "Get better at takedowns" - not good enough.  "Improve my blast double leg takedown. Be able to get a double leg takedown in each of my first 10 matches this season."  That's specific and measurable.  You should have several process goals such as: strength, fitness, technique, nutrition, rest & recovery, academic, etc.  It will take work in all these areas to be your best, so you need to address them all if you want the best chance to reach your goal.  If you do all these things it will not guarantee reaching your goal, but it does guarantee being better; and isn't that what you're trying to do at a minimum?  FYI - Set goals and process goals for other things in life, it's the way to get there - good job, happy marriage, great kids, vacations, etc.

  9. One thing that can't be taught is "mental toughness". Offensively you have to have the mind set that you are going to dominate your opponent. From the first whistle, to the last whistle, you have to be relentlessly attacking and moving your opponent. Respect them enough that you are not careless or reckless, but don't respect them so much that you are not moving and attacking. You also have to be tough enough to eat some pain as to not go over to your back or give up points. The mind set is that "nothing you can do will ever make me turn over". Some people are just plain tougher than others, but everyone can raise their level of competitive toughness (will to win) to higher levels. It's in your head. I once heard a high school coach ask a World Silver Medalist "what would you do if someone had you in an arm bar?" The silver medalist replied "I would never allow that to happen, it wouldn't happen to me". That's not to say that the silver medalist has never been in an arm bar, what it means is that "my mind set is that I won't allow you to score on me". Bottom line on mental toughness - "I don't even understand the words give in or give up".  You can't just turn on mental toughness, it really comes from confidence; confidence you develop through "proof of improvement" by executing gradually more advanced skills in live matches.  Focusing on improving instead of winning; practicing technique, then proving you can do it in live matches.  The more proof of improvement you give yourself, the more confidence you gain, and now in pressure situations (where you show mental toughness) you are calm and focused because you know what to do and know you can execute the skill necessary to score and win.

  10. Watch the best wrestlers wrestle. On TV, video tape, youtube, Flo Wrestling, Live competions (State Meet, NCAA Championships, Olympics). Watch what they do, copy them, learn from them, move like them - rewind several times and analyze how they set that move up. Pay most attention to wrestlers who are national good, they'll have fewer bad habits and show you more of what it takes to be the best. Just as important (and don't skip this), watch them train; watch them drill. They honed their skills in the practice room, so find out how they practice and train like them. If you can talk to someone at the highest level, ask them to give you some tips on how you can get to their level.

** Notice I never mentioned weight lifting, a healthy diet or conditioning. These things are important, but "wrestling skills" count the most. When skills are equal, strength, nutrition and conditioning will break the tie. Adding weight lifting, a healthy diet and great conditioning will give you a competitive EDGE in those tight championship matches, but you have to start with sport specific skill - you actually have to wrestle.

** You could do all of the above and still fail because of three things. Three things that will not even allow you to step on the mat, let alone fail on the mat. You have to have 1) the grades to be eligible to compete, 2) you have to have good hygiene to stay away from common wrestling infections, and 3) you need to get properly warmed up and stretch to prevent injury.

** Most people do not have the drive to get all this done, so they will not reach FULL POTENTIAL. This is not a bad thing. You have other things in your life that matter as well, and certainly wrestling is not that important in the grand picture of life. Wrestling should be fun and challenging. Just understand (and be honest with yourself), for each degree less that 100% of your effort to the above requirements, you will have that much less success in this sport. There are kids doing all of the above, and they will beat you. It may be for the championship of your conference or league, it may be for the state championship, it may be for an Olympic championship, but some people do pay the price of success before stepping on the mat with you. Write down your goals, write down the work needed to get there, follow your plan and know that you got exactly as far as the price you were willing to pay (in sweat). I may have talked about wrestling here, but the same will apply everywhere - family, job, quality of life, sports, school, etc. People don't get trophies for doing nothing; and they don't have happy lives sitting on their butt either.  An old saying: "If you knew how hard I worked to get here you would not be so amazed at what I have done".

Current News & Information
How to be a Champion Wrestler
2017 Off Season Workout Program
2018 Off Season Workout Program


Below is the Bella Vista off season workout plan.

We want every wrestler at every BV workout if possible - championships are won during this time. Another thing I would suggest, in addition to the BV stuff, is to workout at the APEX Academy. It's $20 to drop in and workout, but they have discounts if you plan to drop in more regularly. This is a place where kids from all over come and workout, so you can practice against new people (which helps you get better) and get some additional technique help. Everytime you get on a mat and wrestle you get better, take advantage of these extra workouts. They have a website with info as well -


Spring: (March 14 - May 18)

Wrestling Workouts: Each Wednesday and Thursday 6:30 - 8:00pm at Carnegie.

Weight Training: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays 3:15pm - 4:30pm in the BV weight room. This starts now and ends May 18.

Tournaments: There are 7 spring tournaments around the greater Sacramento area during the spring. You MUST pre-register and pay online, go to and scroll down the page to that weekends tournament. Click into the pre-registration and sign-up. You sign-up for a weight class (honor system, no actual weigh-in), then just show up for wrestling. The actual spring schedule is on this site under "schedules". FYI - These spring tournaments offer Folkstyle, Freestyle and Greco-Roman Style wrestling each weekend. Folkstyle is what we do in middle school / high school. Freestyle and Greco-Roman is what you see at the Olympics. Freestyle is very close to the same as Folkstyle; Greco-Roman is pretty different (against the rules to touch opponents legs, it's all throws like Judo). Each week you can wrestle one style, or two, or all three styles - your choice. They will charge you for each style, but I believe it's less per style. My suggestion (if affordable) is to wrestle Folkstyle and Freestyle - they're similar and you get twice as many matches in one day (tons of experience real quick).


Summer: (June 11 - July 19)


Wrestling Workouts: Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:30pm - 8:00pm at Carnegie. 

Weight Training: Monday thru Thursday 9:00am - 11:00am in the BV weight room. 

Free Dual Camp at Folsom HS  June 15 & 16 (8am - 3pm) to the first 20 wrestlers to reserve a spot with Coach Lee

Free Dual Camp at Ponderosa HS June 25 - 27 (9am - 3pm) to the first 20 wrestlers to reserve a spot with Coach Lee

Cabin in Tahoe: BV Wrestler cabin retreat July 20 - 22 to the first 15 wrestlers to reserve a spot with Coach Lee

Free Technique Camp with Olympian Quincey Clark Camp at Carnegie July 25 - POSTPONED  UNTIL SEPTEMBER

Summer Match Night Schedule: All these events are free and run from 6pm - 8pm, you must have a current USA Card to compete. If you don't have one go to "" and order one online.  Here is the schedule for these events: June 13 - Vista Del Lago HS.  June 20 - Pleasant Grove HS.  June 27 - Casa Roble HS.  There should be more, I will post when annouced. 



While the schedule for this is not out yet, we will have twice weekly workouts after school starting the last week in August through mid-October. These coincide with the fall Sacramento area tournament schedule not as yet published.

Weight Training Results
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