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Bella Vista Wrestling Team Core Values

​When we take time to reflect, understand, and diffuse from distressing experiences we realize that we have the choice of how we can respond to any given situation - in accordance with our values. Our values are not goals to be obtained but are guiding principles that help us ground our present experiences and chosen behaviors.  Our values are our identity and guide our actions.  I give a brief explanation of our team values below.  I speak about these regularly with the wrestlers, I model these behaviors, and I hold each athlete accountable to our team values.  


  • We find happiness in our ability to never give up on achieving a goal despite any plateau, adversity, or setback we may encounter along the way.  We are willing to endure tremendous sacrifice to achieve our goals and we view the process as a marathon, not as a sprint.  Each setback is an opportunity to learn from the past, adjust, and then do better the next time we are there.  Adversity is an opportunity to challenge ourselves to live in accordance to our values.  Each plateau is a personal challenge to persist.  We don't define grit through “success,” but through consistent, long-term actions that help us get closer to our goals.  


  • Regardless of what role we are in, we are always ourselves and never try to be someone that we are not, because we are always honest, consistent, dependable, and we will never compromise our morals. Remaining true to who we are gives us credibility with those around us because they always know what to expect from us.  Staying consistent and true allows us to gain trust and respect from each person in our lives because are always the same caring, helpful, and loving person.  We always have the mindset that we will do the right thing, even if nobody is watching. 


  • We choose to commit to our own process in sport, school, relationships, family, our careers, our physical health, and our mental health.  In wrestling, we fully commit to everything that will give us the best chance at success, which means we commit to every practice, team or individual meeting, video review, journaling session, workout, run, tournament, dual meet, and more.  Commitment builds experience, which improves our self-belief.  Self-belief is developed over time, through experiences, so we commit to the opportunities in training that will help us gain success in sport.


  • We can’t control things that happen to us in our life, but we can control how we respond to them.  Resilience does not simply mean to “bounce back” to where we were before; resilience is evaluating our experience, adjusting our approach, and then trying again so we can be better than we were the next time we get to that exact situation.  We are looking for adversity to move us forward.  Our resiliency allows us to absorb stress, physical/emotional/intellectual adversity, and move forward in and through it while emerging a better version of ourselves.  Resilience gives us an opportunity to reinvent ourselves. 


  • We recognize that our ability to wrestle for Bella Vista is a very small window in our overall life, and we are thankful for the opportunity that we have – right now.  We are grateful for our health, our family, our ability to practice, our coaches, our teammates, our school, and for the ability to compete.  We see our opponents and officials as a gift, because without them, there is no competition and no way to measure the effort we have put in or to test our growth from the effort in training. Our appreciation for each opportunity is sincere and we do not take these things for granted.

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