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Team Rules​
  1. Unexcused absence from practice = warning. Second time = miss the next competition. Third time = dismissal from the team. Definition of unexcused absence: Missing practice without a parent note or phone call "on or before" the missed practice day. Text Coach Lane

  2. Miss any 2 practice days (excused or unexcused) during a Monday thru Friday = coaches have the option of replacing you with someone they feel is more ready to compete.

  3. If you can't "live wrestle" the day before a competition, you can't wrestle in the next day's competition (unless a coach asks you to sit out).

  4. Weight classes: Varsity wrestlers must announce their intended weight class, and stick to it until the next announcement date. Basically no bumping up and down at the wrestler's convenience (at the expense of teammates). If you lose a wrestle off for the number one spot, you can bump to another weight and wrestle off for that spot. Varsity starters are the ones who must stay at their chosen (and won) weight class, or not wrestle. 

    Announce dates will be: 

    1. 7 days before the first match of the year on the BV schedule. 

    2. First practice in January. 

    3. The Monday before playoffs begin 

      The exception to this rule: The coach reserves the right to choose the line up and change wrestlers weight classes for the benefit of the team.

      **Wrestle offs do matter, but the coach picks the line-up (just like every other sport) for dual meets


  5. Wrestlers can challenge another wrestler once per week. They must let the coach know at least a day in advance, and it is their responsibility to notify the coach. As soon as a wrestler has lost a wrestle off to a single teammate three times during a season, they may no longer challenge that person (until Febraury final wrestle offs). If a coach asks for two people to wrestle off, that match doesn't count as "one of the three" for the losing wrestler; but it will influence who will start at future competitions. A challenger must be within 4 pounds of the weight class (or the starter) to be able to challenge for a starting spot.

  6. Varsity Only: For wrestle offs for playoffs only (final roster spots), on the day of a wrestle off (and before practice), you must be within 3 lbs. of the weight class on each wrestle off day. Each wrestler will designate their primary weight class they'd like to challenge for, and one back up weight class. For their primary weight class, they will get a "best of 3" to win the spot. 

    1) If they've already lost 3 times to that teammate during the season, then the challenger must win twice, before the teammate wins once. 

    2) If there are 3 people wrestling for one spot, then the person with the most varsity matches on the year will get the bye, and the other two will wrestle a series, winner moves on. 

    3) If four wrestlers are going for one spot, then the coaches reserve the right to pick the pairs to wrestle off in the first round. Should they lose for their primary weight class spot, they can try one more weight class to make the final team, but they must beat the starter twice before the starter beats them once. Wrestlers have the right to wrestle off for their primary weight class (of their choosing), but time restraints may not make it possible to wrestle off for a second weight class. Choose your best chance carefully.


  7. Varsity Only: If you start a day wrestling at a tournament, you must finish that day. Meaning that you may not leave for home until your last teammate has wrestled their last match. You do not need to attend day two of a tournament in which you were eliminated on day one. If you are forced to leave by a parent or any other reason, you will owe 500 burpies before you can compete again. Exception to this rule: if you have qualified for day two, you may leave for the hotel or home at 9pm if teammates are still wrestling.

  8. Varsity Only: If you don't make weight for a competition, the consequences are as follows. The first time: 500 down ups before you may compete again in competition. The second time: 500 burpies before you may compete again in competition. Third time: dismissal from the team.

  9. Varsity Only: If you miss curfew on a road trip, the consequences are as follows. One minute late: 500 down ups before you may compete again in competition. 30 minutes late: 1,000 down ups before you may compete again in competition. One hour late: You may not stay with the BV team again on road trips the rest of the season; you will need to stay with your family on team trips. One hour late also means that you will be pulled from the next competiton for you - day 2 or next match. If you leave your room after curfew, you will be pulled from the next competition - day 2 or next match.

  10. Any conduct that makes our wrestling program look bad = 300 down ups (1st time), 600 down ups (2nd time), dismissal from the team (3rd time). Punishments are for within one season, not cumulative. Examples of bad conduct: Throwing head gear, arguing with an official, inappropriate language, getting kicked out of a tournament, etc. It also includes actions at school such as suspensions, poor conduct towards students or teachers at Bella Vista. Coaches reserve the right to apply this rule for things not specifically on this list, yet the coach feels that a wrestlers actions make our program look bad. We expect to be the best - on the mat and off.

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