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1st - 3rd Grade Tournament Information

Tournament Information

  • We encourage the kids at this age group to NOT compete in tournaments yet, unless they have a burning desire to do so.  All the evidence out there on youth sports shows that this age group should have fun with the sport, which will get them to fall in love with the sport.  Competition can potentially do more harm than good because there are a lot of toxic parents/coaches involved with this age group who don't have the experience or knowledge required to build good wrestlers who love the sport.  If you are thinking about attending a tournament, I suggest you go watch one with your child ahead of time and then make your decision after that experience.  If your child still wants to compete after that then that is great, but please try and let it be their decision at this age.  Building intrinsic motivation, which is autonomous, is the best way to motivate every person at every age.  How we build an athlete's intrinsic motivation is crucial.  We want the kids to want to be at practice and to train because that's what they want to do and because they enjoy it (I've written long essays on this so I'll stop there)... At an older age, tournaments slowly start to become part of the season.  Some kids, however, love to attend tournaments for the challenge.  It is not about wins and losses for this group and it's more about falling in love with the sport and getting some basic fundamentals taken care of that can be built upon when they get to our next age group.

  • You will need your USA Card for all tournaments

  • Entry Fee's will vary from $20. The club does not pay this.

  • Wrestling usually begins around 9:30am.

  • "age group tournaments", that means kids 5 yrs & up can wrestle. It means that they'll be matched to wrestle kids their own AGE & WEIGHT, not just weight.

HERE IS A LINK TO THE 2023/2024 TOURNAMENT SCHEDULE - You will just need to scroll down to see all of the tournaments.  There will be a tournament at Bella Vista on 1/14/24

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