1st - 3rd Grade Tournament Schedule

**IMPORTANT CHANGE!** We switched locations between the 2 clubs.  The 1st-3rd grade team will now practice at Carnegie in Room A1 in the front of the school (5820 Illinois Ave Orangevale CA 95662).  6-7:15 PM

The 4th-6th graders will practice at Bella Vista High School in the Large Gym Annex (in between the large gym and the pool). The times did not change.  6:15-7:45 PM

  • You will need your USA Card for all tournaments

  • Entry Fee's will vary from $20. The club does not pay this.

  • Wrestling begins at 9:30am.

  • Directions to all these schools are on this website under "Directions"

  • "age group tournaments", that means kids 5 yrs & up can wrestle. It means that they'll be matched to wrestle kids their own AGE & WEIGHT, not just weight.

  • FYI - We encourage the kids at this age group to not compete in tournaments yet, unless they really have a burning desire to do so.  All the evidence out there on youth sports shows that this age group should have fun with the sport, which will get them to fall in love with the sport.  Competition can potentially add a lot of stress.  Some kids, however, love to go out there for the challenge.  It is not about wins and losses for this group and it's more about falling in love with the sport and getting some basic fundamentals taken care of that can be built upon when they get to our next age group.  

2019-2020 Schedule

FOR DETAILED INFORMATION ON EACH WEEKS TOURNAMENT: Go to www.sawawrestling.com and click on "tournament information".  Must pre-register for these tournaments (except the Bella Vista Tournament) by going on this same website and clicking through to that weekend's tournament. Pre-registration ends on Friday nights.

Below are very close and  beginner level tournaments to attend as a jump off point to try

Sunday, Dec. 15 - Natomas Tournament (weigh-ins 6:30-8:00am)

Sunday, Dec. 22 - Casa Roble Tournament (weigh-ins 6:30-8:00am)

Sunday, Jan. 12 - Bella Vista Tournament (weigh-ins 6:30-8:00am)

Sunday, Feb. 2  -  Casa Roble Tournament (weigh-ins 6:30-8:00am)