2019-2020 Varsity Results​

Pre-Season Look: 

Winter is here! Bella Vista has a lot of history and prestige in the wrestling world and this year has the potential to add on to our legacy.  We are currently riding a 17-year streak of finishing top four in the section championships.  We return a strong team on the boys’ varsity side where we have been CVC League Champions for the past two seasons in a row.  We also return two state qualifiers in Dylan Maples and Dakota Gutierrez who are both looking to stand on the podium by the end of the season.  Tyler Maples was a match away from qualifying for state last year and has put in a lot of work during the offseason.  If we stay healthy and trust the process, this team will have a lot of “success” this season.  Our schedule is tougher than it has been in quite some time because our team needs that step up in competition to match our level of wrestling. We start out with the Vacaville dual tournament and conclude with the first ever California State Dual Championships before the playoffs begin.  We travel to Fresno twice, Los Angeles, Bakersfield, Corning, Stockton twice, and Vacaville this season, which means we will see the best wrestlers throughout the entire state.  We also have so many varsity caliber wrestlers that we will have a 2nd varsity team who will be attending some tournaments that are separate from our 1st varsity team.  On the girls’ side, we return state medalist, Emily Alderman, who is looking to be the 3rd Bella Vista wrestler in the past 4 years to win a CIF state championship.  We always seem to have a rising star on the girls’ team so we are looking for that new person this year.  Lastly, and definitely the biggest change with our team this year, is the departure of Mike Lee.  Coach Lee built an empire out of nothing over the course of 24 years and I plan on honoring the Bella Vista Wrestling tradition and to continually grow our program in a positive way.  Coach Lee has a ton of knowledge/experience and is a very positive coach, so although he says that you will see him in the stands, you will also see him helping the kids on the team during tournaments. 

At 106:  There is no clear favorite to start here and we have a lot of depth in this weight class.  Koby Ansel, Bruce Marlatt, and Joseph Terranova are all juniors who have had past varsity success and will be challenging for the starting spot.  Koby, who has been wrestling for a very long time and is showing a lot of good “feel,” is looking to make a mark this year after being stuck behind a state qualifier last year.  Joseph made it to almost every single workout/practice in the spring, summer, and fall and then broke his arm within the first 30 seconds of the first practice of the year this year.  Bruce Marlatt, who has continued to show growth every single day, will wrestle varsity all season long.  Logan Marlatt (9) will immediately challenge for the starting spot.  We have two freshmen in Nate Ross and Ocean Gutierrez who will most likely see varsity action by the end of the season.   All of these athletes know how to wrestle and have been wrestling for quite some time

At 113:  Brodi Herron-Williams, who has been involved in our kids’ club/program his entire life, will begin the season as the starter at this position.  Brodi is an experienced wrestler with great “feel.”  He is also very coachable and is a hard worker in the practice room.  Freshmen Ethan Lopez and Vince Nguyen have put in a lot of work and will spend this season getting groomed into a future varsity position. 

At 120: Connor Willey will begin the season as the starter at this weight class.  Connor is a junior but has not wrestled at a natural weight class in the playoffs because he was barely behind the Maples brothers the last 2 seasons.   Connor wrestled up 2 weight classes in the 2019 playoffs and still had post-season success. Connor is a very good wrestler and put in a huge offseason where he attended camps, tournaments, lifting, and practices.  I’m excited to unleash Connor on the world this year.   

At 126: Dylan Maples, who qualified for the state championships as a sophomore and won multiple matches at Masters as a freshman, is looking to continue his growth this season and he will threaten for a medal at the state championships.  Dylan is a fun and slick wrestler to watch with a lot of exciting moves.  Last year, Dylan could not start competing until January due to injury and was still a Masters finalist.  Dylan has been working hard in the offseason and will start the season off in very good shape.  

​132: Tyler Maples will begin the season as the starter at this weight class.  Tyler was a match away from qualifying for the state championships last year and is eager to improve upon his season.  Tyler gets better each season, each competition, and in each practice, so the sky is the limit for him this year.  His length is a real problem for his opponents and Tyler has definitely learned to use that for his advantage. 

138: Carson Lee and Derrik Carstensen will be competing for a starting spot all season long.  Carson has worked very hard in the offseason and has improved tremendously after being a section finalist as a sophomore and going 2-2 at Masters.  Carson has always had great feel and he is adding improved technique and improved conditioning this season.  Derrik, who did not wrestle as a junior, is back and better than ever.  Derrik has been involved in our program his entire life and is a very experienced wrestler.  As a freshman, Derrik was a better wrestler than almost every person he wrestled, but he barely weighed 90 lbs.  Look for both of these guys to battle for the starting spot all year and then sort it out by playoffs.  They will both be wrestling at a state level this season. Although it’s a good problem to have and representation of our strong program, a state level wrestler might be with the 2nd varsity throughout the season. Freshman John Emery is training with these guys every single day and has huge potential for the Broncos. 

145: Returning state qualifier, Dakota Gutierrez, will be the starter here to begin the season.  Dakota continues to grow every single season and looks a step above skill wise from where he was last year.  He can pretty much score from anywhere and has had a lot of mat time in folkstyle, freestyle, and greco roman.  Dakota hasn’t gained in size since last year and has been looking very dominant in the practice room and at our early season scrimmage. 

152: Although he didn’t get to finish the season for us last year, Vince Olivera has been determined to finish his senior campaign on a positive note.  A starter for us as a freshman and sophomore where he was a 2x masters qualifier, Vince brings a wide arsenal of technique and experience.  Vince is very good and has been working very hard, which means the sky is the limit for him.  When he wrestles to his ability, Vince can compete with anyone.  Right behind Vince is Jose Montano, who also missed last season due to injury.  Jose is another very experienced wrestler who has competed all throughout the country. If we can keep Jose healthy, he will compete for the starting position regardless of where he is. 

160: Caden Stocket will begin the season as the starter here.  Caden has turned into a student of the sport and continues to improve every single day.  Caden made a huge jump in the 2nd half of the season last year and had post-season success in his sophomore campaign.  Now a junior, and more of a natural for his weight class, Caden is going to surprise a lot of people this season.  Just behind Caden is Sebastian Bravo, who was also a varsity starter for us in the past but missed out on a lot of his junior season due to a series of unfortunate family emergencies.  Sebastian is back this year and did not miss an offseason practice or workout.  Look for Sebastian to surprise a lot of people this season as well. 


170:  Danny Harris will start out at this weight class after bulking up a lot in football.  Danny got the flu during the middle of his sophomore season and he never fully recovered.  Despite the health issues, Danny still made a deep run at masters and almost upset a state medalist level wrestler in the process (before his lungs gave out on him).  Danny also put in a lot of work during the offseason and is a student of the sport where he is always learning and asking questions.  Danny is very slick and is a fun wrestler to watch. 

182: Bryan Henkel begins the season as a starter here this year.  As a sophomore, Bryan made a lot of progress and actually made a great run at masters where he lost an extremely close match to a guy who qualified for state.  It seems as though Bryan has simply needed some “mat time,” because he gets better every single day.  He’s working hard, he’s athletic, and he is very coachable. 

195: Reno Grenier is probably the most athletic person on the team and improves at wrestling at an amazing pace.  Reno is strong, yet very slick and agile.  He is also another guy who is very coachable and very competitive.  Reno made a run at masters as a sophomore but simply ran into some tough competition.  Now a junior, Reno is going to be the bad draw for everybody else. 

220:  Lucas Cody will begin the season as the starter here.  Lucas was a purely JV wrestler as a freshman and sophomore and then was asked to wrestle varsity as a junior when we needed him.  Lucas rose to the occasion and actually gets credited with winning a dual against Yuba City for us.  Lucas was going against their best wrestler by far, and ended up not getting pinned, which won us the dual at the very end.  Lucas did not miss a spring, summer, or fall practice and made a huge jump in the offseason.  Look for Lucas to surprise a lot of people this year. 

285:We have a couple of very competitive and athletic wrestlers who will battle for the starting spot in league duals this year.  They both need to get some mat time under their belts.  One is only a sophomore, and he can have some serious success if he commits to the plan the coaches have laid out for our athletes. 

That's it.  If the Broncos can trust in the process and continue to improve, then this season is going to be a lot of fun.  

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