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2023-2024 Varsity Results​

Week 3 Results

We started this week with a dual meet at Antelope High School. The team took a bus to Antelope and it was a great team bonding ride.  We were all singing songs and listening to music all the way there.  Once there, we weighed in, set lineups, and then competed.  We won the dual 63-13 to make us 2-0 in league.  We had a couple last minute changes and had Dvaughn Norwood and Myles Casillas step up and fill in some varsity spots.  I am proud of how our team acted on and off the mat and it was a fun night. 

Week 2 Results:

The big story this week is our dual meet on Wednesday night at home against River Valley.  We knew this would be a really close dual and it didn't disappoint. Bella Vista and River Valley have been the top 2 dual meet teams in the league over the past few years and this lived up to the hype.  If you were there you witnessed an amazing night!  The dual went back and forth and with 2 matches left in the dual Bella Vista had to win both matches in order to win the dual.  Sophomore, Dylan Foster, stepped up and got a pin to bring it down to the last match of the night.  Max Keough went up against a kid who went 2-2 at Masters last year, which is very good.  Whoever would win this match would win the dual meet.  Max looked incredible and got his opponent on his back and got the pin for us to get the win.  Our stands were packed and every person was on their feet screaming with their hands up.  I've never heard the gym that loud before.  Thank you for showing up! That was an awesome night.  The kids did an amazing job.  

The Varsity boys competed at the Vacaville Duals.  We had 7 high level duals in 2 days.  These teams are at an extremely high level, they are all ranked high in the state, and there were a ton of state ranked wrestlers there.  This is the deepest and toughest tournament we will have until the playoffs.  We never backed down and we faced some major adversity.  One of the lows was when Jacob Tabler dislocated his elbow and had to be taken away by ambulance.  Jacob ALWAYS does his best and does everything he can for the team. Jacob is in a cast and is recovering as well as can be...  It's tough to follow that information but a huge congratulations to Max Keough for earning the All Tournament team.  That's a HUGE accomplishment at Vacaville.  Next ups is Elk Grove, which will have one of the best teams in the nation there. Buchanan high school has won the state championships for the last 6 years in a row and are in the top 10 in the nation right now.  It's going to be a lot of fun to watch this team wrestle this weekend.  Hopefully some of our guys get to have a match against Buchanan wrestlers! 

The girls competed at the Casa Roble tournament this past weekend and had a great tournament!  Maria Alves continued her success and finished in 2nd place!  Sarah Lavering wrestled her first match ever and did a fantastic job.  Tons of courage to step on that mat.  Charlotte Soltesz put it together and went 3-2 on the day in her 2nd tournament ever!  Great job.  Max Kerr won 2 matches and did an amazing job in Max's 2nd tournament ever.  Greenlea Record won her first 2 matches of her wrestling career and finished in 4th place.  Congratulations! Sarah Silagi also won her first 2 matches of her career and wrestled better than ever.  Alice won her first match and everything is coming together for her!  The girls just added a tournament next weekend and we will get the details to them at practice on Monday and I'll post it on the website.  


Week 1 Results:

The Varsity Boys traveled to a dual meet tournament at Rocklin High School. This was a 16 team dual meet tournament where we wrestled 6 duals in one day.  This was a really fun day, and also a long one. Freshman, Elias Castaneda, made is debut for the Broncos and went undefeated today (6-0).  Elias works extremely hard on and off the mat and he is always seeking out the toughest competition.  Sophomore, Daxon Trumbull, lost a lot of matches that he was really close in and never gave up.  By the end of the day, Daxon made some adjustments to his wrestling and those paid off when he dominated a good wrestler to finish the day.  Sophomore, Adam Singleman, made his varsity debut and ended up 4-2 on the day.  Adam started off with a very nice win and continued to show improvement all tournament long.  Junior, Diego Leidecker, made his varsity debut for the Broncos and went 6-0 on the day and won every match by pin (over some really tough competition).  Diego works extremely hard on and off the mat and has a ton of upside!  Sophomore, Evander Leidecker, also made his varsity debut today and did an amazing job.  Evander missed his freshman year due to injury and shook off the rust a little bit today.  Look for him to make some huge progress throughout the season.  Senior, Jacob Tabler, is coming off of a recent illness and did a great job today to finish with a winning record.  Jacob put in some offseason work and it is showing.  Junior, Frank Olivera, went 5-1 today in a really tough weight class.  Frank made some mid-tournament adjustments and ended up dominating some really good wrestlers.  Frank went all spring, summer, and fall and also attended the Daniel Cormier wrestling camp.  Sophomore, Jaharie Osborne made his varsity debut today and won 3 matches by fall.  Jaharie improved every single match and pushed himself harder than he knew he could today.  We are excited about Jarahie's growth!  Senior, Javier Farfan, started off awesome and finished off awesome.  He had to battle through some battles throughout the day and never gave up and made some great adjustments by the end of the day.  Javi put in a huge offseason and that is definitely paying off.  Sophomore, Ben Jesus, had a rough start to the day but never gave up.  Ben battled through a lot today and finished off with a dominating win to end the day.  Junior, Max Keough, went 6-0 today and looked amazing.  Max was a top 12 finisher at Masters last year and put in a big offseason and attended the Daniel Cormier wrestling camp.  Max is already looking better than he finished last year!  Today was a LONG day, but it was awesome. Most of us got to Rocklin High School at 6:15 am and didn't leave until 7:30 pm!  Our team showed our core values of Grit, Resilience, Commitment, Integrity, and Gratitude better than I could explain.  I love this team and I'm so excited for them.  Next up for this team is a dual against River Valley on Wednesday night and then the Vacaville Duals on Friday/Saturday of December 1/2. 

The Varsity Girls traveled to the notoriously tough Folsom tournament today.  This tournament had state champions, state medalists, nationally ranked wrestlers, and wrestlers from multiple states in attendance today.  I'm so proud of all our girls going out and competing today.  Charlotte Soltesz is a first year wrestler and has worked so hard up to this point.  We are proud of the courage it took to step on the mat to compete for the first time, ever!  Alice Mironyuk also is a first year wrestler and we are so proud of the courage it took for her to step on the mat to compete for the first time today.  Alice battled hard and lost her last match 4-5!  Awesome job!  Max Kerr is also a first year wrestler and we are so proud of Max for taking the courage to step on the mat to compete for the first time.  Max even won her first match today!  Awesome job!  Gianna DiBenedetto is a defending state champion and recently finished in 2nd place at the "Preseason Nationals" in Iowa.  Gianna continued her dominance today and won all her matches by fall to take first place (including first period pins in the semifinals and in the finals).  Sarah Silagi has tremendous heart and shows a ton of grit and she continues to battle in every single moment.  Although she didn't finish where she wanted today, we know that she won't give up.  Freshman, Maria Alves, who is a first year wrestler, looked amazing today and finished with a 3-2 record in her FIRST wrestling tournament of her life. Just like the other girls, we are super proud of the courage that it took to step on the mat to compete for the first time.  Maria is a first year wrestler, but is very successful in Jiu Jitsu and is wrestling to improve her over all mixed martial arts game.  All of our girls are working SO HARD every single day.  Next up for them is the Casa Roble tournament on Saturday, December 2nd.  

The JV Boys competed at the Rio Linda tournament and Coach Hovis was beyond proud of how they competed.  We all proud of the courage for all of our first year wrestlers (and all wrestlers) who stepped on the mat to compete yesterday. 

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