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4th-6th grade Team - Scots Club Tournament Schedule

Scots Club Schedule 2021-2022 (NOT updated yet)

**Big thing to know is that this team travels with the Carnegie Middle School team to some tournaments.  Kids from this club wrestle in the "JV Division" (newer wrestlers) at the tournaments.  When they transition to Carnegie as a student they'll already know the coaches and the kids on the team.


  • Bold print = Carnegie Team + Scots Club Team (Coach Matt & Aaron will be there)

  • Regular print = extra tournaments (SAWA), coach may or may not be there, but you can go

  • Italicized print = Novice level (beginners level mostly). Great extra tournaments for our 4th - 6th graders club kids to attend.

The Winter Tournament Schedule Has Not Been Approved Yet for 2021-2022


  Coach MATT VIGNA (916) 832-0761

  • Anything listed above with "SAWA" is an event that requires a USA Card. You should bring a copy of your card to all tournaments just in case.

  • All SAWA tournaments are by 1) age and 2) weight, but no varsity/jv divisions

  • SAWA tournaments are available to all, but will not necessarily have a coach in attendance. Announcements will be made that week at practice if a coach will be there.

  • Non-SAWA tournaments are divided in JV (beginner) and Varsity (Advanced)

  • Non-SAWA tournaments are middle school tournaments, but they allow younger kids to participate.

Tournament Information

  • You will need your USA Card for all tournaments

  • Entry Fee's will vary from $20. The club does not pay this.

  • Wrestling usually begins around 9:30am.

  • Directions to all these schools are on this website under "Directions"

  • "age group tournaments", that means kids 5 yrs & up can wrestle. It means that they'll be matched to wrestle kids their own AGE & WEIGHT, not just weight



This schedule is subject to change so check the website regularly for updated tournament information.  Most of these tournaments require a pre-registration and information can be found on the website provided in the link above.  

Below are very close and  beginner level tournaments to attend as a jump off point to try

Sunday, November 28th - Jr. Knights Folkstyle @Rio Linda High School(weigh-ins 6:30-8:00am)

Sunday, December 12th  - Jr Lancer Tournament @Cordova High School (weigh-ins 6:30-8:00am)

Friday, December 31st  -No Guts No Glory @ Natomas High School (weigh-ins 6:30-8:00am)

More Tournaments to come, including a tournament at Bella Vista Sunday, January 16th, 2022

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