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Tournament Suggestions / Information​

This section will be in two halves. One will be about parents for parents, and one will be about wrestlers for parents.

Parent Information about their wrestler:

  1. Weigh ins for tournaments are very early in the morning and we must be on time or we will not be allowed to compete. We always meet in the BV parking lot. The times that we meet will vary, so please find that time by checking the parent section under "Weekly team Update". We are 100% dependent on parent driver's for all competitions, so please look at the schedule and save some dates that you can drive. We will never have a district bus for an event, it's all parent rides.

  2. Tournaments last all day. Do not expect your wrestler home until around dinner time or later if you don't go. Please make sure that they have money for food, or food for the day. Snackbars tend to lack nutrition, so packing food is usually better. Check the "Dieting" section on what to pack.

  3. Wrestlers at "varsity tournaments" may NOT leave the tournament and go home until their last teammate has wrestled their last match. This means that if your wrestler is eliminated from a tournament, they must stay until the end. If the tournament is a 2 day tournament and they get eliminated on day one, they must stay to the end of day 1, but do NOT have to come back on day 2. However, if they qualify for day 2 and then lose their first match in the morning, they must stay the rest of the day until their team is done competing. So...."Start a day, finish a day". This DOES NOT apply to JV tournaments. JV tournaments you can leave when your wrestler is done, but we would appreciate staying for awhile to support teammates.

  4. After a tournament, wrestlers will either get a ride home, or be brought back to school to get a ride from you. A wrestler will never be left alone at school, a coach will wait for you to arrive. Understand that if your wrestler is at school waiting for you, a coach is waiting also, so please come immediately or meet us there after a cell phone call that we're on our way.


Parent Information for themselves:

  1. You will be there all day, bring something to do. Your wrestler will wrestle on average once every 3 hours the first part of the day, then once every hour the last part of the day. So there's lots of dead time in between matches. With a laptop, you can have the day off from work and still get a lot done.

  2. Bring something you can sit on to be more comfortable. Bleachers are no fun for a full day. Padded bleacher seats are perfect. Some people actually use lawn chairs and find spots in the gym to set up. This may not always work depending on how crowded the gym gets.

  3. Camera's and video taping: Of course you can do this, but please make sure to be away from the mat and not interfere with the coach or the match. An ideal place is to find a nearby wall. Put your back against that and click away. You won't block anyone's view, and referees will always stop action near a wall to prevent injury, so you won't get in the way. You'll find that it is very difficult to take wrestling pictures. You simply can't predict where the action will be and there aren't that many times where you can clearly see a face during a match. Video taping is better, plus the wrestlers can look at their match and critique themselves.

  4. About tournaments: If it is a "Dual Team Tournament", that means that the team competes literally as a team. Our team would face another team head to head. When that match is over, we would get some sort of break (short or long), and then we would face another team. This type of tournament is the most "parent/fan friendly" because you can find a seat in the gym and know exactly where they will wrestle. The downside is that you will be there for the day, nobody gets eliminated early. "Individual Tournaments" mean that while the wrestlers arrive as a team, they are wrestling on their own. Your wrestlers weight class will be called (not the team), and then they'll be assigned a mat to wrestle on somewhere in the gym. As soon as your wrestler losses two matches, they are done for the day in most cases - but please make sure before you leave. If your wrestler keeps winning, they'll keep wrestling until they medal.

  5. Unlike most sports, in wrestling parents can get very close to the action. Whether it be a dual match or tournament, please don't come sit with the team or visit. We are "in competition", the coaching staff wants all wrestlers to focus on the job at hand or supporting their teammates while they wrestle. Save your comments for when the competition is over. Most of all, please do not yell instructions out to the wrestlers anytime during a match - let the coaches do their job. Even if the coach isn't yelling out any instructions, that is not a time for you to start. It is also good for the wrestlers to learn to think on their own out there instead of being yelled instructions non-stop throughout the match. A coach not yelling instructions does not mean they don't know what to do, they're simply letting the wrestler develop the ability to think under pressure - a skill they can use in life. The coaches promise not to yell out instructions at your job - smile.

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