Section / Masters Medalists
Joe Arregui

Joe placed 6th at 98 lbs. in 1987 and 3rd at 112 lbs. in 1989

Tony Arrendondo

Tony placed 5th at 105 lbs. in 1986.

Howie Blair

Howie placed 2nd at 112 lbs. in 1988.

Paul Ashnault

Paul was a Section Runner-up at 138 lbs. in 1976

Joe Baker

Joe placed 5th at sections in 1983 at 200 lbs.

Grant Burkhalter

Grant was a 3x Masters medalist placing 7th, 4th, 7th (09',10', 11'). Grant was a 3x League Champion and 2x Section Champion. He had 132 career varsity wins. Grant is in rare company - he's one of only 9 Bella Vista wrestlers ever to make the state championships 3x.

Landon Burkhalter

Landon was a 7th place finisher in 2011 at Masters at 135 lbs. He had 84 career varsity wins. He was a CVC league champion and Section medalist.

David Call

David was a 5th place finisher at Masters at 160 lbs. in 2011. He was a 2x League Champion, 3x Section medalist. David had 101 career varsity wins.

Todd Carlson

Todd placed 3rd at 138 lbs. in 1989.

Sheridan Fletchall

In 2013 Sheridan was a Masters finalist in the heavyweight class and the first Bella Vista state qualifier for girls.

Jon Foley

Jon placed 6th in the section at Heavyweight in 2002.

Sam Fowler

Sam Fowler placed 6th in the 2013 Masters Championships. Sam was a Division II Section Champion as well as a 2x CVC League Champion. Sam had over 100 career varsity wins. Sam was ranked in the top 25 in the state his senior year at 160 lbs.

Mike Gallion

Mike Gallion was a section medalist.

Todd Gaston

Todd was a section runner-up at 119 lbs. in 1983 and placed 6th the following year at the section championships.

Wes Gaston

Wes placed 3rd at sections in 1980, then followed that up with a section championship in 1981.

Dakota Gutierrez                                                               

Dakota Gutierrez

Dakota Gutierrez (class of 2020) was a lifelong Bronco where he started wrestling in our youth program and wrestled at Carnegie under Coach Smith before his arrival at Bella Vista.  While at Bella Vista, Dakota was a 2x League Champion and he was 4th at Masters as a junior, which qualified him for the CIF State Championships.  Unfortunately, Dakota was injured as a senior and was unable to compete in the playoffs. As of 2021, Dakota's younger brother, Ocean, is a sophomore wrestler for Bella Vista.  Dakota was also a member of 2 League Championship teams, 2 Section Championship teams, and recorded over 100 varsity wins. 

Craig Hager

Craig placed 3rd at sections at 145 lbs. in 1971, then was a section champion the next year at 154 lbs.

Rich Hanson

Rich was a section medalist.

Jody Hunter

Jody placed 5th at sections in 1979 at 138 lbs.

Earl Hicks

Earl was a Section Champion at 154 lbs. in 1967

Brad Lassiter

Brad placed 3rd at 105 lbs. in 1983.

John Lassiter

John placed 3rd at sections in 1984 at 119 lbs.

John Lopez

John (on the left) finished 4th at sections in both 1993 & 1994.

Jonah Morgan

Jonah was a California State Championships qualifier in 2016 at 126 lbs by placing 5th at the Masters Tournament. Jonah had over 90 varsity career wins. Jonah was nominated at the state tournament for the Outstanding Character Award for both great wrestling and outstanding character.

Mike Mahon

Mike placed 3rd at Sections at 145 lbs. in 1985

Tyler Maples                                                                       

Tyler Maples

Tyler Maples (class of 2020) was a lifelong Bronco where he wrestled in our kids' club and then wrestled at Carnegie for Coach Smith prior to his arrival at Bella Vista.  While at Bella Vista, Tyler was a 4-year varsity wrestler where he was a League Champion, a 3x Masters qualifier, and a 2x Masters medalist (7th as a junior and 5th as a senior).   In the blood round match at Masters during his senior year (the match that determines who qualifies for the state championships.  The winner goes to state the following week and the loser goes home because his/her season is over) Tyler went to triple overtime, which is the final overtime.  His entire career came down to 30 seconds and he was able to get the ride out to win and qualify for the CIF state championships; a true accomplishment.  I think his parents, the coaches, and the fans were all on the verge of a heart attack during that match.  At the state championships, Tyler went 2-2 and finished in the top 20 in CA; AMAZING.  Tyler was also a member of 2 League Championship teams, 2 Section Championship teams, and recorded over 100 varsity wins. 

Dillon Mueller

Dillon was a 4th place finisher at the 2011 Masters Championships at 152 lbs. Dillon was a 2x League Champion, 4x Section Medalist and he had 124 career varsity wins.

Todd Oliver

Todd was a section champion and 3x state meet qualifier.


Vince Olivera                                                                      

Vince Olivera

Vince Olivera (class of 2020) wrestled at Carnegie for Coach Smith prior to his arrival at Bella Vista.  Vince's older brother, Andi Olivera, had a successful career for BV and Vince's younger brother, Frankie, is wrestling at Carnegie as of 2021.  While at Bella Vista, Vince was a 3x Masters qualifier, he was a 3rd place medalist at Masters as a senior and then finished in the top 16 at the California State Championships; AMAZING!  Unfortunately, Vince was unable to compete during his junior season, which makes his accomplishments even more impressive.  Vince was also a member of 2 League Championship teams, 2 Section Championship teams, and recorded over 100 varsity wins. 

Nathan Page

Nathan placed 4th at 152 lbs. in 2004.

Sheldon Page

Sheldon placed 3rd in 2005 at 189 pounds. His senior year record was 52 - 7, with 33 pins.

Jerry Peterson

Jerry placed 5th at the section championships in both 1983 & 1984 at 185 lbs.

Bruce Pfau

Bruce Pfau was a state qualifier at 152 lbs. by placing 7th at Masters.

Bruce was a Division III Section Champion in 2009, and was a Section finalist in 2008.

Lupe Rangel

Lupe was a section medalist.

Tony Rangel

Tony was a section medalist.

Johnny Ray

Johnny placed 5th at 130 lbs. in 1993

Michael Rist

Mike was a section champion at 119 lbs. in 1985.

Greg Rodriguez

Greg placed 5th at 132lbs. in 1981.

Michael Salazar

Mike Salazar was a section champion at 145 lbs. in 1976. He also placed 3rd in 1975 at 138 lbs.

Russell Sprague

Russell placed 8th at the 2007 Masters Championships. Russell was also a Division III Section Champion, 2x CAL Champion, 3x Section/Masters qualifier, and had 97 career varsity wins.

Darrin Stauts

Darrin placed 5th at 138 lbs. in 1987.

Bruce Summers

Bruce was a section champion in 1981, and placed 5th in 1982 at 155 lbs.

Sam Tichenor

Sam placed 5th at sections in 1983 at 112 lbs.

Matt Vigna

Matt placed 5th in 2003 and 3rd in 2004 at 145 lbs. Matt is also our school record holder for takedowns in a season with 145. Matt had over 100 career varsity wins.

Tod Wagner

Tod placed 4th at sections in 1982 at 145 lbs.

Matt Yang

Two time state qualifier at 170 lbs. Matt finished in the top 12 at state in 2018. He is a 2x Masters placer, finishing 6th in 2017 & 3rd in 2018.  Matt was a 2x DII Section Champion and 3x DII Section Finalist. Matt record as a senior was 50 - 6.  He had 121 career varsity wins.

Matt Yang Website.jpg
Adam Zari

The "best heavyweight ever" at Bella Vista. Adam placed in the top 20 at the California State Championships. Adam was a 2x Division III Section Champion, Sub-Section Champion, 2x CAL league champion, and Masters Runner-up.