State Medalists
Ken Hall

Ken finished 6th at 126lbs. in 1990.

Earl Hicks

Earl Hicks placed 5th in the Nor Cals, there was no state tournament at the time.

Jack James

Jack finished 6th at 138lbs. in 1981.

Mike Mahon

Mike placed 6th at the state championships in 1986 at 145 lbs.

Cody Olson

Cody Olson placed 3rd at the state championships in 1984 at 175 lbs.  Cody's final record that year was 51 - 1.

Cody is currently a financial planner in Sacramento and referee's wrestling at both the high school and college levels.

Cody entered the California Wrestling Hall of Fame in 2019.

Pete Stayner

Pete finished 4th at 145lbs. in 1991.

Dan Tennant

Dan placed 6th at the state championships in 1985 at 112 lbs.


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