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All-Time Records

Most wins in a season: Tony Kitchen - 55

Most Consecutive Wins: David Lee - 121

Most Wins in a Career: Jake Briggs - 190

Most pins in a season: David Lee - 46

*Most Takedowns in a season: Matt Vigna - 145

*Most Nearfalls in a season: Shayne Tucker - 123

*Most Reversals in a season: Chris Schaller - 51

*Most Escapes in a season: Matt Vigna - 61

(* The above 4 records were kept track of from 1998-present)

Best Winning Percentage in a Season:100% (David Lee 50 - 0, David Lee 48-0, Tracy Yeates 44-0, Mark Loomis 41-0).

Fastest Pin: Todd Oliver - 6 seconds

Most State Placings: Boys: 3 (David Lee - 1st,1st,1st / John Loomis - 4th,3rd,3rd / Jake Briggs - 6th, 3rd, 3rd) / Shayne Tucker - 4th, 2nd, 2nd)   Girls: 4 (Alexandra Hedrick - 3rd, 2nd, 1st, 1st)


Longest Dual Meet Win Streak - 85

Most Wrestlers Qualified for Section/Masters - 12  (2013)

Team Tournaments Won - 149

Individual League Champions - 229

Individual Sub-Section/Divisional Section Champions - 129

Individual Section/Masters Champions - 25

Individual State Champions - 7

Individual State Medalists - 36

High School All-Americans - 10 (David Lee, John Loomis, Ken Gaudreau, Tracy Yeates, Jake Briggs, Bryden Lazaro, Jennifer Page, Shayne Tucker, Victor Trujillo and Alexandra Hedrick) **Mark Loomis was an Honorable Mention All American.

NCAA All-Americans - Division I: 2 (David Lee (3x) & John Loomis). Division II: Mark Loomis. NAIA: Bryden Lazaro (2x). Girls: Jennifer Page, Alex Hedrick

NCAA Champions: David Lee (D1)  Jennifer Page (Women's)

The Open United States National Freestyle Championships: David Lee placed 4th.  Jennifer Page has been a U.S. Women's Open Champion and 5x medalist (7th, 5th, 3rd, 3rd & 1st). **Jennifer's first two placings were as a high school junior and senior. Alex (Alexandra) Hedrick - Champion.

Junior World Championships: Jennifer Page placed 5th and 3rd. Alex (Alexandra) Hedrick - World Team Qualifier.

Olympians: Jennifer Page was an alternate for the London Games in 2012.

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