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2023-2024 Coaching Tree

Running a wrestling program truly takes a village.  I appreciate these coaches more than you know.  Every single one of these people spend hours upon hours volunteering their time with the goal of creating amazing human beings through the sport of wrestling.  Every person is a positive coach and goes above and beyond to help kids.  I could go on forever, but I love theses coaches and I am beyond grateful for their love and commitment to our athletes, our program, and to me.  I couldn't do this without them. 


Here are all the coaches who are helping at Bella Vista, Carnegie and/or with our kids club.  Many of these coaches help out at all 3 levels.  Here are the names in no particular order. 

  • Garrett Lane - Teacher at Bella Vista, Head Coach of entire program.  

  • Mike Nishimura - Works in SJUSD, volunteers, etc. - Coaches girls, varsity boys, JV boys

  • Pete Hedrick - Teacher in SJUSD - Coaches girls, varsity boys, and JV boys

  • Hayden Hovis - Works as an I.A. at Bella Vista - Coaches girls, varsity boys, JV boys

  • Aaron Keough - Works for PGE - mostly coaches Varsity boys, but helps with JV boys and girls

  • Dana Smith - Teacher and Head Coach at Carnegie - Coaches Carnegie and helps everywhere

  • Steve Gordon - Firefighter - assistant coach at Carnegie, coaches kids club, helps everywhere

  • Ryan Luttrell - Owns Avanti Builders Construction Company - Runs 4th - 6th grade Kids Club, helps everywhere

  • JT Thomas - Project Manager for International Line Builders. Runs 1st - 3rd grade kids club - helps everywhere

  • Elijah Shaw - Works at Excel Gym, college student, coaches mostly at Carnegie

  • Brad Costa - Educator - Helps with 1st - 3rd grade kids club

  • Ted Cokinos- Loan Processor - Helps with 1st - 3rd grade kids club

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