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Last Updated: February 15th  (first 3 things are new)

**Varsity This Week:  We are traveling to the Masters Championships this coming weekend in Stockton (2/20 - 2/22).  This tournament is held at the Stockton Arena (different from last year) and will host the boys' and girls' Masters Championship tournament together at the same time.  In California, we combine all the divisions into 1 division, so this weekend is the combination of all 5 sections into a true section championship.  The top 6 wrestlers from our Masters will advance to a true state championship the following weekend in Bakersfield.  The good news is that we just got through the toughest division, by far, so we are battle-ready for next week (and we advanced 11 guys through the toughest division).  We will leave the Bella Vista parking lot on Thursday night at 6:15 pm and go straight to the University Plaza Waterfront Hotel, which is where we are staying for the weekend (110 W Fremont St, Stockton, CA 95202).  This hotel is in the same parking lot as the wrestling venue.  The wrestlers will need to bring $20 cash to help pay for their hotel rooms for the weekend. Unfortunately, I called the hotel tonight and we only have enough rooms reserved for all the wrestlers and coaches (11 boys, 3 girls, and the coaches) for both nights.  I do have 1 extra room on Thursday night, but I will cancel that on Monday if nobody wants that room.  Weigh-ins begin at 7 am on Friday (2/21), so we will walk over to the arena around 6:05 am.  Wrestling will begin at 9 am.  HERE IS A LINK with all the useful information about the tournament (except brackets).  At the conclusion of wrestling on Friday, we will walk back to the hotel, shower, and then drive as a team to get food.  Nobody will be walking anywhere.  Friday night will be late, so we will try and be fast with food and get back to the hotel for a good night's sleep.  Saturday morning we will have the same schedule for weigh-ins but will leave with all our stuff and put it in our cars on the way to weigh-ins.  We will not return to the hotel on Saturday after weigh-ins.  

**Girls This Week:  We are traveling to the Masters Championships this coming weekend in Stockton (2/20 - 2/22).  This tournament is held at the Stockton Arena (different from last year) and will host the boys' and girls' Masters Championship tournament together at the same time.  The top 6 wrestlers from our Masters will advance to a true state championship the following weekend in Bakersfield.  The girls do not weigh in until 9 am on Friday, 2/21, so they will leave the Bella Vista parking lot at 7 am on Friday to get inside the arena by 8:15 am.  Wrestling begins at 11 am on both days.  That night, the girls will stay at the University Plaza Waterfront Hotel (110 W Fremont St, Stockton, CA 95202), which is in the same parking lot as the wrestling venue. Wrestling is scheduled to end at 7 pm on Friday night, but it can possibly go later so I would prefer the girls to stay in the hotel that night.  They need to bring $10 cash to help pay for their room.  Weigh-ins begin at 9 am on Saturday (2/22), so the girls will walk over to the arena at 8 am for weigh-ins.  They will not return to the hotel after weigh-ins so they will need to put all of their stuff in Coach Hedrick's car on the way to weigh-ins.  HERE IS A LINK with all the useful information about the tournament (except brackets). 

** There is No School This Week and the practice schedule is posted in the "Schedules" section.  We will practice early, at the kids' request.  


**Varsity Results Week 11 Are Posted

**JV Wrestlers If your wrestler was on the JV team their season is now over.  Please have them wash their singlet and return it to me in a ziplock bag with their name on it.  We will have a full offseason of training in the spring, summer, and fall and I highly encourage each wrestler who is available to participate in our offseason program.  Details of our offseason will be posted on this page within the next few weeks.  


**Awards Banquet:  We will have an awards banquet sometime in March and I am working on securing a date right now.  I would host the banquet on the Monday after the season if I could, but I need some time to order awards, certificates, etc.  I will post on here when I have an official date for the banquet, which will be held at Bella Vista.  


**THANK YOU!  THANK YOU! THANK YOU!  This past weekend was a HUGE success and I could not have done it without all of the parent support and all of the wrestlers' work. Thank you.  I've been involved with wrestling for a very long time, and each tournament is a reflection of the team's culture, community, and leadership.  You all represented Bella Vista in the best possible way.  Thank you.  I will not take credit for the leadership role.  Mike Lee created this tournament almost 20 years ago and contributed countless hours of his life into molding the tournament into where it currently is.  I want everybody to know that Mike Lee has been personally helping me for months to get ready for this tournament.  Mike also went way out of his way this past week to help me with a million little details.  I could go on forever.  Thank you, Coach Lee...  I had a ton of coaches and parents tell me how well run our tournament was, which is a reflection of all of you and your kids.  Thank you.  Once I finalize our overall profit from this past weekend I will post that right on this website.  We still have to pay bills for the custodians, referees, heat, and some other small things, which doesn't allow me to see the actual net gain from the weekend for a while, but I will be able to predict how well we did within the next few days.  


**Eligibility We have a few wrestlers who have not maintained at least a 2.0 Grade Point Average and/or have an F in one or more of their classes.  This is not acceptable and there are no excuses for this.  I am a teacher at Bella Vista and the kids on the team are STUDENT-athletes.  Students first.  Doing homework is a choice.  Doing the classwork is a choice.  Doing what the teacher says in class is a choice.  Each ineligible wrestler was notified at school last week that they are required to attend a study hall if they still want to practice.  They know who they are.  While we are on this subject, missing practice for homework is not an excuse to miss practice.  Nobody does homework from 3:15 until bedtime.  I'm helping build life skills within each wrestler, which means they must improve their time management skills.  Every single person can go to school, go to practice, and still get homework done at night.  If you have any issues with what I said please do not hesitate to contact me.  Honestly, about 90% of our athletes are thriving with their balance between school and sport, and I am very proud of them.  

Control What We Can Control It is crucial that we control the things that we can control in order for each person to have optimal performance.  One of these things is hygiene.  Please have your wrestler establish the habit of showering as soon as they get home.  We take a lot of preventative measures to ensure that our wrestlers don't develop any skin infection, including putting on some wrestling specific foam before each practice and mopping the mats before each practice.  Typically, we don't see any skin issues until we have our first competition (because other schools are not as aggressive as we are with hygiene), but we need to be on top of that.  The other thing is to get our wrestlers to get 9 hours of sleep each night, get their homework done each night, and to develop a healthy diet.  There is a great nutritional guide on our website for each wrestler, but in general, I would recommend vegetables, fruits, to drink lots of water so they are hydrated for practice, to scale back on sugar and soda, and to scale back on fast food.  Eating right will give them better energy for school and for wrestling.  This might be obvious to all of us but our wrestlers are students first, which means they must make the effort to stay on top of their grades.  Without a 2.0 they can't wrestle.  It takes a lot of discipline to be successful in school, in wrestling, and with their physical health all at the same time, and if they can do that, then they are developing a really positive skill that will last them for the rest of their life.  

Commitment Now that wrestling season is here please do not have your wrestler miss practice or competition.  One of our team values is "Commitment," (the values page will soon be added) which means we all need to commit to this team and to ourselves.  If your wrestler is going to miss a practice or competition please contact me ahead of time.  Missing practice hurts the athlete and hurts the team.  Please do not schedule vacations during the season.  FYI, we will not practice on Thanksgiving or the day after Thanksgiving.  We also take the first week of Christmas break off (December 23 - December 29) and we are back to the grind on December 30th.  Family comes first for me, so family emergencies obviously take priority.  

Episode 3 of the Scronco Podcast is up!  If you haven't listened before, Coach Smith (Carnegie) and I are on there and have 3 sections for each episode.  The first part is us giving an update on things going on with the team.  Part 2 is us explaining one of the mental approaches we are using with your kids (this episode is on developing a growth mindset versus a fixed mindset).  We both got our masters in sports psychology and are applying a lot of that information to your children.  This is an opportunity for you to hear from us about what we are teaching your kids (instead of trying to hear it from their mouths).  The last part is an interview and in this episode we interviewed Bella Vista's principal, Dr. Darrin Kitchen.  We are officially on Apple Podcasts now. HERE IS A LINK TO THE 2ND AND 3RD EPISODES OF THE PODCAST

State Championships Tickets Although anything can happen, we have a strong possibility of sending a solid group of wrestlers to the state championships this year.  With that reality, I would like to pre-order tickets so all the families, athletes, and coaches can sit together.  The current system only allows for athletes/coaches to sit in one section and they do not allow fans in that section (so you wouldn't be able to sit with your wrestler, which is a bummer).  If we buy these tickets we can all sit together.  If your child makes it, you are going to want to attend anyway, so you might want to get ahead on this.  I will find out how much money it is for an all-session pass and post that information right here.  If you are interested please email me how many tickets you would like to purchase so I have an idea when I call the venue.  The team will pay for your wrestler and you pay for any tickets beyond that.  I will buy the tickets in a bundle and then have you reimburse after.  

**Varsity Parents:  Katrina Ferland is currently looking at hotels for our season and beginning to book them.  She generally books 2 extra rooms for parents traveling with the team.  Katrina is booking all our stays for this season.  Please


**FYI - Kathy Valerga (ex-BV parent) of Farmer's Insurance has donated $2,000 to BV Wrestling this week.  It's a Farmer's Insurance program they do with schools.  Obviously we are very grateful for their generosity to our program.  If you have any insurance needs contact Kathy at (916) 792-0688.


**FYI - Becky Lund and Nelson Lund (ex- BV wrestler) are local residential real estate agents.  They have a standing offer that if anyone connected to Bella Vista wrestling (aunt, uncle, cousin, neighbor, co-worker, etc) gets them a referral for a person in the market to buy or sell a home they'll donate $500 to BV Wrestling.  So if everyone on the team can simply move from one home in our attendance area to another we can make a lot of money - SMILE.  Seriously, if you ever come across someone who's in the market, give them Becky's (916-531-7124) or Nelson's (916-704-5101) number and have them say "I was referred to you through Bella Vista Wrestling".


FYI - Bella Vista Wrestling has a very rich history and tradition; a lot of state and national level champions have come out of our program.  These people still very much pay attention to how our program is doing, so much so that there is a fan page on Facebook.  If interested in following this, just look for "Bella Vista Wrestling Fan Club".

Team Doctor (Dr. Randy Martin) phone number if needed; please be aware of the time of day and seriousness of the call when trying to reach him.  He is kind enough to help our team, we don't want to be a stressor to his offer.  (916) 834-8820


  • If you are a varsity parent, the team will be staying at hotels booked by our travel agent Katrina Ferland. You will want to call her and book your own room at the same hotel for trips that you will be attending. Katrina's number is 765-1190 or email katrinaferland@gmail.com

  • If you've got a wrestler that would like to become a top wrestler, go to "Wrestlers" on this site under "You want to be a champion wrestler". It all starts there! Then continues on with a lot of time, effort and energy towards being the best.

  • Scholarship Requirements: Division I schools now have new high school core classes that must be taken to be eligible for scholarships, they are as follows: 4 yrs English, 3 yrs Math (Algebra 1 or higher), 2 yrs Natural/Physical Science (one lab), 1 yr of additional English/Math/Physical Science, 2 yrs of Social Science, 4 yrs of additional core courses (any of the above areas or foreign language, non-doctrinal religion/philosophy).

  • If you have general questions, or want to let me know that your wrestler will be missing practice, email me at Garrett.Lane@sanjuan.edu

  • Tax Write Off: If you have a prize to donate, or have gotten a prize from a company, I have a letter with our tax exempt ID# on it that can be used to "write off" the donation for tax purposes. Just email me that you need the letter and I'll get it to you.

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