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Summer Practice and Match Night Schedule

**Summer of 2019 Below is our summer schedule.  I expect every person to commit to this plan unless they have a family event or if they are in a different sport and that sport has practices and/or games during our practice/match times.  

**OPEN ROOM ON MONDAY NIGHTS WITH OTHER SCHOOLS!  Roseville high school is having an open room from 3 - 4:30 pm every Monday of summer.  They are inviting specific schools from our area and we have been invited.  I would love for our wrestlers to show up to some of these.  If you are the type of wrestler who might miss some Tuesdays/Thursdays this summer, or match nights, this is an awesome opportunity for you to get some mat time with kids from other schools. 

**Practices over summer are Tuesdays and Thursdays at Carnegie high school 9 - 10:45 am.  There are also some match nights on Wednesday nights and an open room on Mondays at Roseville.  There are a lot of opportunities to wrestle this summer - please take advantage of this.  

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