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Spring Tournaments 2020

These are USA Wrestling events, so you must have a current USA Card in order to participate. You can purchase one there if you don't have one or go online to and click into "memberships" and follow the instructions. When asked what "club name" use Scots Wrestling Club.

There are no weigh-ins or weight classes, you submit an actual weight online (honor system).  You will be pooled into a group of wrestlers closest to your actual weight.

The schedule of events and locations are on the same site that you register (listed below).


Entry Fee: $12 - $20 depending on the event


Must Pre-Register for these events by going online to  You pay online and sign-up for a weight online (honor system-subject to challenge at the event)

These tournaments offer 1) Freestyle, 2) Greco-Roman, 3) Folkstyle. Each style that you enter costs the entry fee X the number of styles you want to wrestle. **Folkstyle is the style that we wrestle during the regular competition season.**

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