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2022-2023- Team/Match Schedule

**Transparency: Although Covid was brutal to our team, we still have an amazing program, starting with the kids' club, continuing through Carnegie, and then finishing at Bella Vista.  The integrity of our program and the resilience of our athletes and coaches is represented by the awesome group of student-athletes we have on our team this year.  


Varsity = Best wrestler at each weight class no matter what grade in school.  Our lineup will change throughout the season and is not set in stone.  


Girls = In the past, girls' tournaments did not have JV or Varsity brackets, but now that there are so many girls competing throughout California many tournaments are starting to divide brackets up between JV and Varsity.  All of our girls will compete at the varsity level at the girls' tournaments this season.  

JV = Everyone on the team who is not on the varsity team

* = League Match                                                                                            

2022-2023 Team Schedule Still in Progress...


All League duals have weigh-ins at 5 pm, JV starts at 6 pm, and Varsity begins shortly after JV ends.

League duals are listed in bold, as well as other important events. 

Tournament start times will be posted each week on the Parents - Weekly Team Update

Oct. 18. Hydration Test - 3:30 in boys locker room.  $10 per wrestler

Oct. 19  Physicals - 3:30 - Boys locker room.  $20 per wrestler

Oct. 31  First day of practice

Nov. 4      Parent Meeting (Atrium - listen to coach speak and then watch kids practice) - 6:30-7:30 PM

Nov. 17.    Weight Management Test at Bella Vista - MANDATORY FOR EVERY WRESTLER.  $10.  If a BV wrestler                          missed the first test, this is their last chance to enroll.  Enrolling is mandatory for every wrestler in the                        country before they compete. This will be done after practice, around 6 and should be finished by 7:30 pm.

Nov. 19.    Pioneer Tournament (Varsity Boys and Varsity Girls)

Nov. 23     Scrimmage at Casa Roble HS (Everybody) (Practice begins at 10 am sharp, arrive early)

Nov. 26.    Folsom Tournament (girls)

Nov. 26.    Rio Linda JV Tournament (JV boys and possibly 1st year girls, still waiting to hear about girls)

Nov. 26.    Morning Training (everybody not wrestling in a tournament - mostly varsity boys)

Nov. 28     CANCELED - there is no dual meet at 12 Bridges happening this evening.  

Nov. 30* Bella Vista at River Valley (EVERYBODY)

Dec. 2/3   Vacaville Duals  (Var with a couple extras)

Dec. 3      Casa Roble Tournament (Girls and JV boys)

Dec. 7*     Antelope at Bella Vista (EVERYBODY)
Dec. 10      Elk Grove Tournament  (Var)

Dec. 14*   Inderkum at Bella Vista (EVERYBODY)

Dec. 16/17  West Coast TOC (girls)

Dec. 17        Whitney Tournament (JV Team)

Dec. 17      Casa Roble Tournament (Var) 

Dec. 21*   Bella Vista at Roseville (EVERYBODY)

Jan. 6/7      Napa Tournament (Girls) 

Jan. 6/7      Escalon Tournament (Varsity with some extras)

Jan. 7.        Vista Del Lago Tournament (JV)

Jan. 11* Yuba City at Bella Vista (Everybody) - SENIOR NIGHT

Jan.13, 14, 15   Bella Vista Winter Classic (EVERYBODY - FRIDAY NIGHT, SATURDAY, AND SUNDAY)

Jan. 18*    Bella Vista at Woodcreek

Jan. 21       Del Oro  Tournament (JV and GIRLS)

Jan. 21       Corning Tournament (Varsity plus some extras)

Jan. 28       Section Duals Tournament (Var plus some extras)(Lincoln of Stockton High School)

Feb. 4        CVC League Championships (Yuba City HS) (Var/JV)

Feb. 10/11  Girls Regional Championships (Natomas HS)

Feb. 11  Boys Division II Section Championships (Laguna Creek HS)

Feb. 17/18  Masters Championships - Boys and Girls (Stockton Arena) (hotel on Friday night)

Feb. 23-25  California State Championships - Boys & Girls (Bakersfield)(3 days) (hotel on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday                         nights)

Team Schedule
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