2019-2020- Match Schedule

Varsity = Best wrestler at each weight class no matter what grade in school.  Our lineup will change throughout the season and is not set in stone.  

2nd Varsity = those wrestlers who would start on most teams but can't quite make our starting lineup yet.  These wrestlers will attend multiple tournaments to get mat time.  


Girls = Girls tournaments currently have no varsity or JV levels, all girls wrestle in the same brackets whether or not it's their first year or fifth year wrestling. Some girls reach a high level and the girls tournaments are not challenging enough, so we may send that type of girl to a boys tournament at their level.

JV = Everyone on the team who is not on the varsity team

* = League Match

Basically the coaching staff has them attend tournaments at their level. Some kids are varsity level, but not starters, we'll still send them to varsity tournaments on the weekends. Some kids are varsity starters, but not true varsity level, we'll send them to JV tournaments on the weekend.

Stay in touch with your wrestler to know which tournament they are attending on the weekend. In most cases it will be consistent and you'll just know.                                                                                             

2019-2020 Team Schedule


All dual matches start at 6:00pm

Tournaments are listed in bold

Tournament start times will be posted each week on the Parents - Weekly Team Update

Nov. 4  First day of practice

Nov. 15  Parent Meeting (Cafeteria - Coach speaks then you watch kids wrestle) - 6:30-8 PM

Nov. 20   Scrimmage at Casa Roble HS against Folsom and Casa Roble (Everybody) (Wrestlers arrive 430 pm)

Nov. 30   Folsom Tournament (Girls)

Dec. 4*   Inderkum at Bella Vista (Everybody) In the Large Gym

Dec. 6-7  Vacaville Duals  (1st Var)

Dec. 7     Ponderosa Tournament (JV)

Dec. 7     Casa Roble Tournament (Girls)

Dec. 11*  Woodcreek at Bella Vista (Everybody)

Dec. 14    Mark Fuller Tournament (Lincoln of Lincoln HS) (2nd Var)  

Dec. 14    Elk Grove Tournament  (1st Var)

Dec. 18*  Bella Vista at Antelope (Everybody)

Dec. 20/21  Rocklin Tournament (Girls)

Dec. 21   Whitney Tournament (JV Team)

Dec. 20/21  Zinkin Tournament (Clovis) (Var)

Dec. 21    Casa Roble Tournament (2nd Var) 

Jan. 2      Bella Vista at West Torrance HS (dual in Los Angeles) (1st Var)

Jan. 3/4   Tournament of Champions  - Cerritos College (Los Angeles) (1st Var) 

Jan. 4      Albany Tournament (Girls)

Jan. 4      Vista Del Lago Tournament (JV)

Jan. 8*   Yuba City at Bella Vista (Senior Night) (Everybody)

Jan. 10/11   Napa Tournament (Girls) 

Jan.11/12   Bella Vista Winter Classic (Everybody - both days)

Jan. 15*  Bella Vista at River Valley

Jan. 18    Santa Cruz Tournament (Girls)

Jan. 18    Corning Tournament (Var)
Jan. 18    Del Oro  Tournament (JV)

Jan. 22*  Bella Vista at Roseville (Everybody)

Jan. 25    CA State Duals Championships (1st Var plus some extras) (Clovis North HS)

Jan. 25   Gregori JV Tournament (JV)

Feb. 1     Windsor Tournament (Girls)

Feb. 1     Section Duals Tournament (Var plus some extras)(Lincoln HS of Stockton)

Feb. 6     CVC League Championships (River Valley HS on a Thursday) (Var/JV)

Feb. 14/15  Girls Regional Championships (TBD HS)

Feb. 14/15  Boys Division II Section Championships (River Valley HS)

Feb. 21/22  Masters Championships - Boys and Girls (Stockton Arena) 

Feb. 27-29  California State Championships - Boys & Girls (Bakersfield)(3 days)